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Yes, the community still exists :)

I haven't really done much with this community because the show hadn't started yet and I wasn't really sure that I wanted to do much with it anyway (I'm lazy like that lol). But I watched the premiere and I have a feeling that I'm certainly going to want a place to rant, so I'll do so here. If others feel ranty, well that's what this place is for and so I'll keep it maintained for now.


Welcome to the community

Welcome to sv_rants, a Smallville ranting community.

Everyone is free to rant here about whichever aspect of Smallville they choose, as long as it stays within the community guidelines.

Why bother ranting, you ask?  Why not just stop watching the show?  Here, I offer a few reasons.

1)  You love the show, but one thing really pissed you off.

2)  You don’t love the show anymore, but you love the fandom and so many things about the show piss you off that you wouldn’t have during the “honeymoon years”.

3)  Because of the reasons detailed in this article - The Complex and Terrifying Reality of Star Wars Fandom.

Whatever the reason, this is the place to vent your spleen, so have at it.

Any questions?  Ask ‘em here.



S flames
Smallville Rants
Ranting about Smallville is welcome here. Ranting about Smallville fans is better suited for somewhere else.

For less ranty forums, see the links below.

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