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There were a lot of things in the premiere that I overlooked because I understand that the show is in desperate need of ratings and so it’s doing this really choppy and poorly explained or reasoned reboot.

But come on! Lois and Clark at the Daily Planet is a big part of the Superman story and we’re supposed to accept that neither of them got them got their job based on merit? Couldn’t one of them have experience that actually counted at a paper like the DP? If you want to play around with the mythos, then do it, but don’t half ass the attempt so that it ends up making a mockery of it.

So really, all that can be assumed is that Clark either got his job because there is an appalling lack of standards at the Daily Planet, or it will be revealed that someone pulled some strings to get him in.

If it’s the former then the fact that he and Lois work there means nothing and they might as well be working at the Smallville Ledger for all it relates to the Superman story (and frankly that would have been a much better idea).

If it’s the latter and Clark took a job that he knew he didn’t deserve and that meant that someone who worked hard and did deserve it got shafted, then I think that’s awful. Clark is supposed to have carried the Kent morals with him even though Jonathan died and Martha moved. But I find myself constantly thinking, “If Jonathan Kent were alive, Clark would never do that.”

Not that I mind the show having Clark explore pushing the boundaries of the Kent morals, but then the show has to reflect that. But I’m willing to bet that there’s not going to be a hint as to why Clark shouldn’t have that job (they certainly never addressed Lois’ job situation).

The thing is that Smallville could get away with this kind of stuff if it was solid in other areas. But it’s not. It has poor continuity, the plots are silly and contrived, the writing often leaves something to be desired, and the new cast is struggling to build a consistent chemistry (which is understandable with the huge turnover). This show just doesn’t have enough quality to fall back on for this kind of stuff. Shiny new plots are nice, but explaining them would be nicer.



Sep. 28th, 2008 03:24 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Lois's career has been written badly and Clark's is even worse. I was thinking today maybe he mentioned Perry White at his interview and Perry has gotten himself a good rep since he gave up drinking. Even then that's not getting the job on his own merits and not a very Kent thing to do. I also wouldn't like to think that Clark got the job because he was better looking than all the other candidates which does happen in real life. One member of staff getting employed because the editor fancies them and she wrote a piece about street fighting is one thing but for them to hire someone else for who knows what reasons just makes The Daily Planet look like a shoddy outfit and makes the writers of the show look stupid. I always think of Lois & Clark when Clark gets his job at The Planet and he has to try really hard to impress Perry. I much prefer that version of the story.

Sep. 28th, 2008 05:19 pm (UTC)

Even though I had issues with the move to bring on Lois, I would have loved to see them spend a season or two getting stuck working together at the SV Ledger. That way they could have maintained the integrity of the characters and still had the L&C redo they want. It would have explained why they're qualified to work at the DP later, they could have been doing it while going to college, and I think that it would have let the characters build up some chemistry without the huge expectations on them now that they're at the DP.


Edited at 2008-09-28 05:20 pm (UTC)
Sep. 29th, 2008 07:55 am (UTC)
It would have made more sense if they worked at the Ledger together and then it would still be Smallville rather than Metropolis, as it seems to be turning into.



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