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What was the point of this show?  I thought it was called “Smallville” and not “Superman” for a reason!  It was supposed to be Clark’s journey towards becoming Superman.  That was the one thing that was always clear – this is Clark, pre-Superman.

But that means that if you fill the entire show with Clark’s future, then you’ve basically invalidated the premise of your own show – that it takes Clark time to become Superman.  That it’s a long and complex road.  That he has to develop those attributes.

For 7 years the whole show has been Clark clinging to the farm.  So, don’t get me wrong, for Clark to want to expand his horizons is well overdue.  But where’s the journey?!?

Are we really supposed to be okay with the fact that the minute Clark decides that maybe there’s more out there he suddenly gets a job at the DP, helps the other heroes around him, and ultimately survives Doomsday.

This?  Is not a journey.  This is a destination where they’ve just lost the luggage containing his costume.


Sep. 30th, 2008 12:00 pm (UTC)
I agree they should be able to get the real life details right and it does seem they just run free with any good idea they like whether it fits in with the broader picture or not. Personally as a budding writer I couldn't do that.

Well I suppose they explained why Clark was working at the DP by saying that way he can know everything that's going on and he can help more people. But I was surprised he just went out there and helped people without being more careful and people seemed to be ignoring the fact he just went out there and helped people. Like Lois was distracted by the fact he didn't have a name for his source.

And Chloe suddenly changing careers is odd but then I've heard some stuff coming up they can use to explain that.

They shouldn't just expect us to all know that Lois is going to end up as a star reporter. The writers should show their working and remember fans who don't know much or anything about Superman.

It's true the show could have been so much better. I have always said it should have been four seasons long ending with Clark flying and going to the fortress or going travelling like he did in L&C.



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