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What was the point of this show?  I thought it was called “Smallville” and not “Superman” for a reason!  It was supposed to be Clark’s journey towards becoming Superman.  That was the one thing that was always clear – this is Clark, pre-Superman.

But that means that if you fill the entire show with Clark’s future, then you’ve basically invalidated the premise of your own show – that it takes Clark time to become Superman.  That it’s a long and complex road.  That he has to develop those attributes.

For 7 years the whole show has been Clark clinging to the farm.  So, don’t get me wrong, for Clark to want to expand his horizons is well overdue.  But where’s the journey?!?

Are we really supposed to be okay with the fact that the minute Clark decides that maybe there’s more out there he suddenly gets a job at the DP, helps the other heroes around him, and ultimately survives Doomsday.

This?  Is not a journey.  This is a destination where they’ve just lost the luggage containing his costume.


Jul. 25th, 2008 06:16 am (UTC)
I know they never should of introduced Lois Lane or any other person from Clark's future. I can understand Lex, Pete and Lana but the others are just wrong. He's not Superman. No matter the fact that he's 22ish he's still holding on to some adolecent fantasy about the perfect normal life and tried to hold on to that no matter how wrong it is. He's not normal and never will be cry me a river and get over it.


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